We help you
to enter, grow and take control of
your business in China,
in the world’s largest eCommerce markets.

We are Your on-the-ground China eCommerce Agency:

1. We have been doing business in China more than a decade
2. On-the-ground presence also in China
3. In-depth understanding of this large and complex market
4. Result-oriented and hands-on approach
5. Concrete, focus-on-sales roadmap to achieve your goals

Bonus: 100% satisfaction guaranteed – if you are not satisfied, your investment is refunded.


To Get Started Is Straightforward

#1 – Market Entry Study

Make sure You won’t miss out this massively growing market, as well as avoid those painful and expensive false starts.

#2 – Choose Your Focus

Find out where and what the China market conversation is in your product category and discover your niche for a market entry.

#3 – Enter the Markets

You get an ideal strategy for your niche and sales channel in China for a market entry – on your own or together with us.

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