China is the largest
eCommerce market
in the world
and it is only getting bigger.

Mobile and Social Commerce are Experiencing Massive Growth:

1. In 2017 the average digital buyer spent EUR 1.550 (RMB 12.000)
2. In 2018 the number of online shoppers will reach 650 million people
3. China’s 415 million millennial consumers will sustain future growth
4. By 2020 online retail will to reach 25% of total retail sales
5. Cross Corder eCommerce is experiencing rapid growth 


It is easier than ever to sell in the Chinese market:

Mobile shopping in China is already more frequent than visits in physical stores.

As much as 80% of consumers are willing to pay their purchases using mobile.

70% Chinese consumers use social media as a source of inspiration for purchases.

Recent changes opened the Chinese eCommerce markets:

1. In 2017 changes in Special Economic Zone law eased cross border selling
2. Yoday, import duties can be paid after shipping your product to your customer
3. Your customer pays in RMB using a mobile pay, a credit card or a bank transfer
4. Receive payment in your currency of choice, instantly to your bank account


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